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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Prayer for a Japan

Bubbling laughter
rips out of me
into words
white scent of incense
I can’t help speaking
I see through petals
centuries old
and my hands clasp
in a prayer for a Japan.
Then something wizened
something blackened
turns to smoke
starts shifting
rips out the heart of laughter
stamps pain on my forehead
with a spring wind
ties my hands
and so dries up
my prayer for a Japan.

© Tatjana Debeljački

Tatjana Debeljački - member of the Association of Writers of Serbia UKS, Haiku Society of Serbia, Writers’ Association Poeta, Belgrade and Croatian Writers’ Association - has published three collections of poetry and blogs at debeljacki.mojblog.rs/

1 comment:

Stafford Ray said...

Prayers are not enough, are they!
Tsunami trumps technology. Time for us all to step back and really think about what we are doing. There will always be tsunamis.