Monday, 18 April 2011

Jelly Bean Queen

One day this lovely lass,
May launch a hundred ships.
The world will keep a watch
On what goes to her hips.

That smile could turn for south
When paparrazi press for shots
But now, this bride -to-be
Enjoys the ride with no pit-stops.

The sapphire ring's gone viral;
Her gown will get knocked off.
So far, no downward spiral;
All in good time, (I mustn't scoff).

Some think she is a vision-
New model—right for queen.
Her face is everywhere-
It's captured in a jelly bean!

Kat Mortensen©2011

Bride-to-be in a bean: Kate Middleton's face spotted in sweet


Kat is a Canadian poet, and the author of 'Shadowstalking'.