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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Happily Ever After

Where's my Prince Charming?
Even when I drop my left shoe
along the stairs
someone just picks it up
and places it back
with it's right one
I should have known
a fairytale wouldn't begin
with a doc marten boot.

Where's my Prince Charming?
Have I left him behind
in my pop-up fairy tale books?
Even when six
I thought the princess
looked a little passive
I wanted to be the one
on the white horse
racing through the woods.

Where's my Prince Charming?
There he sits watching the news
and carrying the heavy bags
in from the Tesco shop
I sigh and look in the mirror
and ask 'Who is the fairest of them all'?
My prince Charming replies:
'You, it's always going to be you'
I am the star of my own fairytale.

© Brigid O'Connor

Royal wedding: Fans camp out at Westminster Abbey
Brigid O'Connor is an Irish writer. She writes short stories and poetry.
Her work has been broadcast on Irish radio and her stories have been included in anthologies and literary publications.


  1. Love it Brigid - The Doc Martins must look great under your ball gown!

  2. Doc Martins? That's my kind of princess.

    Notice in the fairy tales, we never get the grim details of "happily ever after". Sure there's a lot of bill paying, laundry washing, toilet scrubbing, and trips to Tesco!

    Glad your heroine is a princess in her own fairy tale after all.

  3. Well Done B,
    much better to have good boots and your own horse outside! As Pretty Woman says - "then she rescues him right back"!!!
    PS: your Prince is still pretty charming though, lucky you x

  4. Brigid!!!! You are amazing!!! What a fantastic poem! Who needs fairytale princesses when a real woman has much more spirit, guts and fashion sense (yay for doc martens!). Take care

  5. Someone actually picked up your left shoe and put it with the right one. You are a lucky Princess. Mine just got stepped over.

    Really lovely Brigid.

  6. Agreed! We all need a steed! (and someone to help with the shopping!) My fav line has to be -I should have known/a fairytale wouldn't begin/
    with a doc marten boot

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    @Ann, no that is pure fantasy on my behalf, mine just get stepped over too.

  8. I really like the last line. Very empowering.