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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Shorts: Names and Principles

The Unmentionable Goodwin

Bank malfunction;
Financial unction;

Fred Goodwin gets superinjunction to stop him being called a banker

© Philip Challinor


An ODEar

Strange days, these cheddarheads, we have seen.
Our Governor rules with iron fist,
A heart of stone, he's kind of mean.
Like Santy Claus, he's made a list,
Intends to make the teachers pay.
Refuses to budge, a mulish badger,
Dictatorship runs the day,
Thinks unions filled with artful cadgers.
Walker sidles with the money makers,
A broken state, how do we fix?
He's forgotten the movers, the middle class shakers,
Seems all we do is throw stones and sticks

The children pay,
Isn't that the way?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Readies National Guard Against Unions

© Thingy

1 comment:

  1. Thank-you for posting my ODEar.

    Unfortunately, Walker has won the first battle and has signed the bill that excludes any collective bargaining.

    It is going to be a bitter four years.

    Thanks, again.