Monday, 7 March 2011


My salary is a few dinars
I only have a tent
I am not a President.

How can I resign?
I have no authority.
My country is run by the masses.

I ordered the military
to go home
and not fire their weapons.

How can I do crimes?
Libya has no king, no parliament, no president.
There are no peaceful demonstrations.

If Cameron can find
one penny of asset in Britain
I will poke
my fingers in his eyes.

The young people are given drugs
by Al Qa'eda.
These terrorists are a few cells.

My people love me
They will die for Moammar
They will die.

© Malcolm Saunders (Malpoet)

Gaddaffi says he will not surrender

Retired, cantankerous, libertarian and occasionally a poet, I am probably malodorous, but seek to avoid being malicious or malevolent so I vent malapert musings through malpoetry. Malpoet blog