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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Diamond Geezer

There is a diamond geezer
worth a bob or two.
He had a scheme to bank on
at the cost of me and you.

A bunch of merchant bankers
and their mates from public school
found a way to have a yacht life
that they thought was really cool.

You take a punt on dodgy markets
that might just make a mint
but if it all goes pear shaped
you never will go skint.

When times get rough, some tax cash
will bail us all out.
Wait things out a while,
then back in with your snout.

Get more cash in with charges
on the plebs with overdrafts,
then stack your wad with bonuses
and shares to stash away.

Merlin the magician
couldn't conjure more than us.
There are diamonds in those boardrooms
and they couldn't give a toss.

© Malcolm Saunders (Malpoet)

Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond gets £6.5m bonus

Retired, cantankerous, libertarian and occasionally a poet, I am probably malodorous, but seek to avoid being malicious or malevolent so I vent malapert musings through malpoetry. Malpoet blog


  1. A well-deserved swipe, Malcolm. Love the dripping vitriol of this. (Poetically,and with temerity, shouldn't the penultimate stanza rhyme?)

  2. Makes me sick how these people live, then thumb their noses and reward themselves.

  3. Come the revolution!
    Frankly, we can no longer afford such parasites!
    The average wage earner in Australia is now paying out about $2,000 of his hard earned into bank PROFITS alone! Way above any other sector.
    timely poem indeed!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    I could have rhymed the penultimate stanza with the second line:

    'that the plebs all have to pay'

    but for some reason I preferred to break the rhyme there and finish with a half rhyme in the final stanza.

    I couldn't give you a reason for preferring it that way. I just did.