Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cowboy Dave

Ol' Davey's a chubby-cheeked cowboy
And the common folks all love a war;
Teach them Ayrabs a lesson right now, boy
And show 'em respect for the law.

Them Ayrabs was fussin' and sassin'
They showed no respect for the Man;
While the Chinks and the Rooskies was gassin',
Ol' Dave had to do what he can.

The Colonel was shootin' and foamin'
And poundin' folks into the sand;
Till Dave moseyed out of the gloamin'
And showed where the righteous folks stand.

Ol' Dave wasn't one for the throwin'
Of stones that was first to be cast;
But a man's gotta make a good showin',
So he give all them Ayrabs a blast.

Ol' Davey he done did the doin's,
The Colonel was righteously vexed;
Them Ayrabs they stood in the ruins
Sayin' what the hell do we do next?

Them Ayrabs they now are confessin'
This ain't an ideal situation,
But ol' Davey's taught 'em a lesson:
Don't let cowboys build you a nation.

© Philip Challinor

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