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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sex and the Duncan Smith

By vicious youth harassed and harried,
In sex and sin we're drowning:
We live alone, remain unmarried,
And Duncan Smith is frowning.

The single life, the serial love,
Are not the ways of Britons,
Who must be lectured from above
And paid a weekly pittance.

If parents fight like dog and cat,
Or seethe in silent deadlock -
No matter, surely! Better that
Than happy out of wedlock.

If Albion you would preserve,
Renounce cohabitation!
Cleave to your spouse and hold your nerve,
And propagate the nation!

Alas for times that did not vex,
When morals were far better! O,
Return, ye days when legal sex
Was clean and pure and hetero!

© Philip Challinor

Ian Duncan Smith backs tax breaks for married couples


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  1. Clever and packs a subtle punch! I love that "seethe in silent deadlock line" and nice to see someone who's not afraid to rhyme.


  2. Your use of rhyme is masterful. It adds to the gathering sense of irony throughout the whole poem. The ending resounds like a bell and is really superb.

  3. Nice to see rhyme and reason in tne same poem!Ummm... when Duncan moves on, will he take up a missionary position?