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Friday, 18 February 2011

Poetry24 Tweets!

To launch Poetry24

on Twitter we asked

people to come up with

some topical poems in

140 characters or less.

Or, as we put it:

Alert the media – send us tweets!
We’re ‘live’ online & in the streets
of virtual reality
with ‘of-the-minute’ poetry.

Or, as @ClareKirwan said: Things can't possibly get worse / unless we do the news in VERSE

Here are some of our favourites:

Big Society,
Tory piety,
Clegg anxiety
Public rioty.
He also reckoned:
The biggest rats in Downing Street
Cannot be killed by cats, I tweet.

But @69wurdz disagreed

Downing Street rats...
in ironed cravats.
Puppet committee...
twisting the news.
Balaclava kitty...
tightens the noose. ~

This one, from @jhon_calrk

Pity the squaddie head down in his trench
To lose his allowance would be such a wrench

Which sparked @ClareKirwan off again:

Pity the librarians all by their shelves
while the Tories only help those who can help themselves

Shut the Libraries,kill the Trees,
cut the NHS,raise Tuition fees.
Cuts,cuts & then cut some more,
Tory policy we've all seen before

You must support me says Red Ed
I did said the grannie & now I'm dead

As you may imagine from the emphasis on British politics, this was all taking place during Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQT) which inspired another from @pchallinor

Pee Em Kew Tee.
Smirk and patronise, then flee.

and, probably this one too:

Big Society and more:
Kill the sick and eat the poor

If you're on Twitter, follow us at @Poetry24blog. If you're not on Twitter - why not try to pen your own topical ditty in 140 characters or less in the comments?

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