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Thursday, 17 February 2011

One Hundred Sled Dogs

Today a crystal-bright February fog
flickers in sunlight above your graves,
As one by one you vapour forth
to flutter greyly in the air.

One hundred sled dogs championed
by one hundred red-mittened hands,
And one hundred glory-waving flags,
Oh Canada, true patriot love.

Now we stand on guard,
arms full of vanished bones
and tainted splendid deeds.
Naked in the red-stained snow.

We bless with gruff praise,
seeking God in gutters like
Mother Theresa. Candlelight
Vigil grasping grace from lament.

© Jo Maurits

Tourism lull led to ‘execution-style killings’ of 100 B.C. sled dogs.


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  1. I'm a Canadian and this story infuriated me when I read about it.

    Your poem does great justice to the situation and gives an homage to the dogs that they so deserved.

    "arms full of vanished bones" That is such a sad line.


  2. It must be Canadian day or something... like Kat, I was horrified and disgusted by this story. The poem is a beautifully written reminder of this terrible event.