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Saturday, 26 February 2011


Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS,
I’m falling in love and I have to confess
That I long to embrace
Your smooth plastic case
All the curves of your surface, Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS! Do you feel the same way?
Do your buttons all tingle when my thumbs are at play?
I’ve had more consoles, true,
But none quite like you
I don’t stay and play with my PlayStation all day.

Say quickly, Nintendo! What you intend – oh!,
You hold me in places Xbox cannot go!
When I touch iPod touch
I don’t feel half as much
As when…
Excuse me!
I have to go Wii!

© Tim Train

Nintendo DS All Time Highest Oz Seller As Market Sinks


Tim blogs at Will Type For Food

Editors' note: Other makes and games are available!


  1. You people are nice.

    I should have specified when I submitted this poem, my blog is Will Type For Food.

    And to think there once was a time when I would never have missed the opportunity to plug my blog...

  2. By the way, I haven't ever actually played on a Nintendo DS. No. Really...

  3. That was so clever and entertaining! Visiting from Everyday Goddess.

  4. Apologies for missing Tim's blog off the post - it's there now, and always worth a visit!

  5. Very clever! (*laughing over here*) Whatever! I'm hopeless with emoticon/symbols. Sorry.