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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Made in America

We overslept
the American Dream.
The Industrial Revolution
was a nightmare.

We can lie all day
in the bed we made
because our jobs have gone
South of the Border.
The American flag
is “made in China.”
Our “buy now pay later”
bill is due.

© Colleen Redman
Made in America: A Brief History of U.S. Manufacturing
Colleen Redman: In the same way a baby puts everything in his mouth to see what it is like, I put words on paper.

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  1. So much is said here in such a small space and it is clever, cutting and even manages a bit of poignancy.

    Colleen, your self-description is fitting and I was watching a British program about science and the brain last night and coincidentally, the host likened a baby's earliest sense- explorations to mini-experiments.


  2. OMG this is a really good poem...I loved it! oh so true too!

  3. sigh... i read your poem as well about libraries losing their funding. i do wish what matters most was more valued. great writing!