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Friday, 25 February 2011


Justice taking form, stop

uber hacker
leading the way,

information for the people, stop

alien tresses, attitude,

no giving up.

All is not lost,

sign of the times,

seismic shift in paradigm, stop
assuage no one

no way back,

genius programs
everything known, stop

© Gabrielle Bryden

Wikileaks: no proof that Julian Assange encouraged leak

Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian poet published in Ripples, Speedpoets, Extempore magazines; Cherry Blossom Review, Lunarosity, Divan, Bolts of Silk, Third Eye, Specusphere ezines; and on national ABC Radio.


  1. Wonderful idea for the poem; reporting as reporters once did, by cable.
    I am ready to listen to those who would bring Assange down when a warrant is issued for the arrest of Rupert Murdock (who published the leaks!