Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Dose of Sanity

'Tis known on our Westminster heights
That paedophiles and human rights
Are certainly the stuff of death
When mentioned in a single breath;
And that is why Theresa May
Is squeaking "Deary! Lackaday!
Why can't these European fools
Allow us Brits our humble tools
To utilise as we best please
In treating this most vile disease,
These human cancers of our nation
Who lack a faith-school education?"
(For no-one learns to be so beastly
From being abused by something priestly.
Nay; in their evil ways they're set
Thanks mostly to the internet.)
And so the Cleggeron Alliance
Has promised minimum compliance
With any laws that dare suggest
That lifelong stigma's not the best
Of methods (save, of course, the rope)
To give the innocent some hope
That someday Justice will again
Castrate, brand, flog, and thus be sane.

© Philip Challinor

David Cameron condemns supreme court ruling on sex offenders.


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