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Friday, 21 September 2018

Dry wipe board

Does the GOAT,
Dickensian like,
speak of the
best of times
and of the
worst of times blud?

“uneducated" ???
chests and jackets puffa’d up and out
beef-ting fam,
whipping up a
from Croydon- not forecast

and the Feds
swear down
the whole truth and nothing but ...
as they slap down
an ASBO here and there

© Bex Tate

Bex Tate is frustrated with the data driven education system, left behind her teaching job. She now spends her time writing, pondering life and wonderińg what to do next. Writing poetry helps her to try and make sense of the world as well as giving her the chance to rant a bit!!

Bert & Ernie

Bert & Ernie

There were 2 in a bed
so the viewers all said:
So they both rolled their eyes:

they cried!

© S. O. Fasrus

Bert and Ernie are not gay, says Sesame Street organisation as writer's claim denied

Thursday, 20 September 2018


Is it so very strange of me
to hold this burning wish to see
the great church spire in Salisbury?

I hear it is the tallest spire
(we have no spire in Russia higher!)
I’ll go all the way to Wilt-Shire.

But sadly I have little time
and doubt I’ll have enough to climb
the spire (they say the view is fine).

Indeed, if I can only see
it from a distance that may be
enough - I so love Salisbury!

My Great Uncle Stalagmite
used to read to me each night
by smoky yellow Moscow light:

“England’s Great Churches And Their Spires”
instilling in me this desire
that sets my heart and brain on fire

(much like a dose of Novichok
or a red hot bullet from a Glock...)
Oh - is that the time? Just seen the clock!

Must go, things to do, plans to hatch
- just leave the front door on the latch
but mind the handle - who knows what you’ll catch...

© Marc Woodward

Salisbury novichok suspects say they were only visiting cathedral

Marc Woodward lives in rural Devon and has been published in a number of magazines and websites including The Poetry Society, The Guardian, Ink Sweat and Tears, The Broadsheet, Forward Press, Otter etc. He blogs at: http://marcwoodwardpoetry.blogspot.co.uk